Tennessee focuses on co-parenting

The State of Tennessee acknowledges the importance of both parents with update child custody laws to encourage co-parenting.

Anyone in Knoxville who has been through a divorce will attest to how difficult this experience can be. The end of a marriage impacts every part of a person's life including hopes and dreams for the future. There are many issues to address during a divorce such as the identification of what is marital property that can be divided between spouses and what is not. When minor children are involved, there are numerous decisions to be made regarding how each parent will spend time with them and who will have responsibility for them.

Good co-parenting is the ideal situation

A child custody determination, however, is just the first step in moving forward in raising children with a former spouse after a divorce. Parents must ideally figure out how to cooperate and communicate for years regarding issues surrounding their joint children. Effective and positive co-parenting is the optimal solution for the emotional health of kids. It also helps to maintain each parent's relationship with the children.

Psychology Today published an article that discussed the impact on children when they have two active parents in their lives. Part of the positive effect of co-parenting relies heavily on the cooperation of the parents.

The article notes that each parent should avoid speaking negatively about the other person in the presence of the kids. Similarly, actively behaving in a polite manner toward the other parent when together, such as at sports or school events helps children. Any act which gives kids the sense that their parents are aligned in raising their children even though no longer married to each other is of benefit to them.

How Tennessee encourages co-parenting

A story published on WREG.com highlighted how the state is actively promoting better involvement by both parents in kids' lives. A series of new laws were enacted last year that aim directly to facilitate both custodial and non-custodial parents being part of their children's school and other experiences.

For example, parents with custody must inform those without custody about what activities children participate in out of school. Non-custodial parents are also allowed to access school records for their children and visit them on school grounds. According to the website for the State of Tennessee, there are some cases in which such access may not be granted such as when one parent is involved in criminal charges.

Get help to co-parent

Co-parenting after a divorce is not always easy. The Huffington Post suggests that some apps may help ex-spouses by tracking finances to help avoid conflict and disagreements. This can help to create a more amiable atmosphere overall.

Working with an attorney throughout the divorce process is another important step. The right legal input and assistance can make a big difference in the outcome of a divorce for Knoxville residents.

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