Defending Your Right To Child Custody

In most divorce cases, there is no issue that causes more tension than child custody. However, it is important to remember that child custody is not a popularity contest. It is about determining what is in the best interest of the children. At The Law Office of Robert M. Asbury, I bring more than 20 years of experience to your case and work to help you achieve the best possible result. I serve clients in Knoxville, Knox County and throughout East Tennessee.

I understand that your children are of the utmost importance to your happiness. Call 865-909-7290 to speak with an experienced attorney who can fight for your right to child custody.

Giving You An Honest Assessment Of Your Case

Unfortunately, parents sometimes have a difficult time separating their own interests from the best interests of the children. As your attorney, I will offer you a frank assessment of the situation — because that is how the judge will look at it. I will not make unrealistic promises, but I will do everything in my power to protect your custody rights and help you achieve a satisfying outcome.

In a typical case, the judge's decision will be based on factors such as:

  • Each parent's home environment
  • Each parent's relationship with the children
  • Each parent's availability
  • Current custody arrangements
  • The children's preferences

Many people are unaware that full custody is becoming less common in our state. Tennessee law changed recently, and the court's preference has shifted to a 50-50 split. However, if your case involves circumstances that would make this arrangement impractical or inappropriate, I will make every effort to uncover the relevant facts that will affect the judge's decision. I can also help you with parental relocation concerns after custody is established.

Call Today To Speak With A Knowledgeable Attorney

To schedule your initial consultation with an experienced Knoxville child custody lawyer, please call 865-909-7290 or send me a message using the online form. My office is conveniently located in West Knoxville, near Cherokee Country Club and Lakeshore Park. If you cannot meet during normal business hours, I am happy to arrange after-hours or weekend appointments by special request.