How To Co-Parent With Your Ex

All parenting is difficult, but co-parenting with your ex can seem unfeasible. However, after your divorce is finalized, you will need to continue interacting with your ex-spouse in order to properly care for your children. The Law Office of Robert M. Asbury has successfully executed numerous divorces for East Tennessee families and can help you develop a plan for successful co-parenting.

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Creating A Successful Co-Parenting Plan

Before your divorce is finalized, Tennessee law dictates that you must establish a workable parenting plan. This allows you and your spouse to think through how you will work together to raise your child. Included in the plan are child support decisions, a child custody schedule and detailed parenting responsibilities. Your child's well-being needs to be at the center of the plan. It will be reviewed and approved by the court.

Tips For Co-Parenting Success

Below are a few important tips to keep in mind as you begin to consider a co-parenting plan:

  1. Communication is key. You and your ex-spouse need to regularly communicate the family's schedule and child's needs, and work together to determine how you can best serve them.
  2. Refrain from negative comments about your ex-spouse. Your child has a right to develop a relationship with their other parent. In addition to adding undue stress to your child, inappropriate comments can negatively affect your custody order.
  3. Try to keep your child's schedule as consistent as possible. Even though the family dynamics are changing, it is important for your child to feel secure. Try to maintain a regular schedule that allows your child to participate in their favorite activities.
  4. Be adaptive. As carefully as you and your ex-spouse may try to plan a schedule and work together, problems will arise. Be ready to meet those challenges head-on.

If you would like further instruction on co-parenting techniques, the state offers helpful classes that you can attend.

Call An Experienced Attorney For Confident Advocacy

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