Addressing The Challenges Of Parental Relocation

Once your divorce and custody orders are finalized, you may want to move homes for a variety of reasons, including: Remarriage, a new job opportunity or moving closer to family. However, relocating after divorce can be difficult. In order to protect both parents' custody and visitation rights, the courts do not want either parent to substantially change locations. In fact, moving without court approval is against the law.

Attorney Asbury has assisted Tennessee families with divorce and relocation for over 20 years. I can provide the experienced assistance that you need either to successfully relocate or petition the court to prevent your ex-spouse from moving with your child.

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Strict Adherence To Relocation Regulations

The further away that you would like to move, the more complex the relocation process becomes. If you are planning on moving 50 or more miles away from your current location, or outside of the state, you will need to:

  • Provide the other parent with written notice of your intent to move
  • Explain where you are planning to move
  • Provide rationale for why you are relocating
  • Inform the other parent that they have 30 days to file a petition in court against the move

If you fail to send notice with the proper information, you will not be able to legally relocate to a new home. I can guide you through the detailed process, and ensure that you adhere to Tennessee law.

Defending Your Custody And Visitation Rights

If your ex-spouse sent you notification of an intended move, you may be concerned that it will negatively impact your ability to see your child. Once they notify you, you have 30 days to file a petition with the court in an effort to block their relocation efforts. The Law Office of Robert M. Asbury can partner with you as a trusted advocate through this process. We will carefully evaluate your case and do everything that we can to keep you near your child.

If your ex-spouse moved without notifying you, and without court approval, you should notify a lawyer immediately.

Call For Thorough Relocation Assistance

Child custody decisions are some of the most contentious issues during and after a divorce settlement. When one parent wants to relocate, tensions can escalate.

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your case goals, whether that is relocating across the country or preventing your ex-spouse from interfering with your visitation time. Call my Knoxville office at 865-909-7290 or send me an email to secure the dedicated representation that you deserve.