Experienced Guidance Through Divorce

Unfortunately, many people expect divorce to be a short-term solution to long-term problems. In reality, it is essential to think about what the end of your relationship will mean not just months from now, but years from now.

The Law Office of Robert M. Asbury will help you craft a long-term solution that positively affects your life years after the divorce is over. I provide representation for clients in Knoxville, Knox County and throughout East Tennessee.

If you are facing divorce, including high-asset or gray divorce, call our firm for the skilled representation you deserve at 865-909-7290.

Deliberate, Strategic Representation

While some lawyers focus on quick and easy divorces, I am more interested in taking the time necessary to ensure that your future is financially stable. Prudent divorce planning is neither quick nor easy. It is a deliberate, strategic process. As your attorney, I will dedicate myself to achieving the best possible outcome within the bounds of the law.

When you are preparing for divorce, it is important to get a precise inventory and appraisal of your marital property. Only then can we begin to determine what your best possible outcome is. If necessary, I will also work with a forensic accountant to make sure your ex-partner has not hidden any assets. Additionally, I will work with outside professionals to obtain accurate business valuations when necessary.

Taking The Approach That Is Right For You

People deal with divorce in many different ways. For some it is a profound relief, and for others it is the most traumatic experience of their lives. I always tailor my approach to suit the individual client. I also have an excellent referral network of psychiatrists and counselors if you need more attention than I am qualified to give.

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