Caring Assistance Through Senior Divorce

Senior divorce, also known as "gray divorce," is becoming increasingly common across the country. As life expectancies continue to rise, more and more people are deciding that they do not want to spend their retirement years with someone they are no longer in love with.

At The Law Office of Robert M. Asbury, I assist seniors with all aspects of the divorce process, with a commitment to helping them achieve the best possible result within the bounds of the law. I serve clients in Knoxville, Knox County and throughout East Tennessee.

If you are over the age of 50 and considering divorce, call The Law Office of Robert M. Asbury at 865-909-7290 to discuss your options. I can carefully evaluate your circumstances and design a plan to protect your financial future.

Creating A Plan To Ensure Your Financial Stability

Senior divorce can be quite complicated, especially when determining who is contributing what to a particular asset. Late-life divorce often involves the division of assets that have started to decline in value because they are being used as an income source. Because these assets are not being replenished, it is essential to retain an experienced attorney who will work diligently to protect your retirement accounts and help you achieve financial stability.

My approach is based on quality, not speed. Only by obtaining a precise, thorough valuation of your marital property can we determine the proper course of action.

I am dedicated to providing straightforward communication. I will explain your options as clearly and concisely as possible, enabling you to make informed decisions throughout the process.

Call To Arrange Your Consultation

To speak to a Knoxville senior divorce lawyer, please call 865-909-7290 or contact me using the online form. I am willing to arrange after-hours or weekend appointments by special request. My office is located in West Knoxville, between Cherokee Country Club and Lakeshore Park.