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How to reduce tension during the divorce process

Even if you've never been through a divorce before, it is likely that, in your head, you are picturing an angry, tense process that involves two upset spouses yelling at each other during negotiations. This is because this is the way divorce is portrayed, both in film and other forms of media. Divorce is always shown to be an abysmal process that drains the two spouses of their energy.

However, this isn't accurate for most divorces. And even when it is accurate, the spouses involved can utilize certain strategies and techniques to minimize the problems you may experience during the divorce process.

So what are some of these strategies, and how can you utilize them as a person going through divorce?

Let's begin with what behaviors and techniques you should avoid. First, you should never lie about your assets or your situation when you are going through a divorce. This can cause more punishing litigation to come about down the line. Also, you shouldn't violate any legal orders that are handed down by a judge (such as a visitation or custody order), nor should you make any major moves in your life (such as buying a home or moving to a new state).

Alternatively, there are plenty of things that you should embrace. For example, remain calm during the divorce process. Getting angry and upset will only exacerbate and already tense situation. You should also support your children during the divorce process. They will need your love and support during this dramatic change in their life -- and perception of the world.

Source: FindLaw, "The Divorce Process: Do's and Don'ts," Accessed Jan. 17, 2018

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