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Tennessee courts recognize fault and no-fault grounds for divorce

There are a host of requirements that a Knoxville resident must meet in order to secure a divorce in the courts of Tennessee. One of those requirements involves the individual pleading grounds for their requested divorce. The grounds that they plead must demonstrate to the court that their marriage is over and that it should be legally ended through divorce.

When couples simply grow apart and no longer wish to be married they may be able to pursue no-fault divorces. A no-fault divorce may be based on the irreconcilable differences of the parties. If the spouses can no longer function as a marital unit and wish to bring their union to its end they may pursue this path.

Additionally, couples that choose to separate prior to their divorces and that do not have minor children can also pursue no-fault divorces. These divorces tend to be somewhat simplified as there are not child custody or child support matters that must be worked out.

If one of the parties wishes to divorce their spouse because of wrongdoing then they may base their divorce on fault grounds. In Tennessee, a variety of fault grounds exist that include but are not limited to adultery, violence, addiction, criminal conviction or unresolved prior marriage. A divorce based on fault may have ramifications for certain divorce-related matters, such as child custody, but readers should talk to their own legal representatives about how best to pursue divorce as this post provides no legal advice.

Fault and no-fault divorces are possible in Tennessee. There are many other requirements that individuals must meet before they are able to seek divorces in the courts of the state and it can be incredibly helpful for them to utilize the services of family law attorneys as they work to end their marriages.

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