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Should I request alimony during my divorce proceedings?

When two Knoxville residents decide that they are ready to end their marriage in divorce they look forward to severing all of the ties that bind them to each other. However, certain factors such as the sharing of minor children or joint business ventures may force them to continue certain lines of communication into the future. Another responsibility that may exist between ex-spouses long after their marriage has ended is the existence of an alimony order.

Alimony, also called spousal support, is a financial obligation wherein one former spouse pays money to the other. Alimony can be awarded for a number of reasons and can endure for different lengths of time; the specific nature of a divorce-based alimony award will depend on the circumstances of the people going through the divorce process.

For example, if a party requesting alimony from their spouse has not worked in many years and does not have sufficient education or experience to find a job that will support them, then a court may allow them to receive alimony until such time as they are able to secure gainful employment. If the spouses to a divorce are in their retirement years, alimony may be awarded through the lifetime of the recipient.

Some alimony awards are made as lump-sum payments, which is to say the payer of alimony makes a single payment to their ex and once it is complete the alimony relationship is over. As different facts and circumstances can impact the outcome of requests for alimony readers of this Tennessee family law blog are asked to consult with their attorneys about how best to address their needs for spousal support.

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