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Legal separation is an option in Tennessee

Many Knoxville, Tennessee, residents who live in troubled marriages may recognize that they need to live separately from their spouses, perhaps even for their own protection. However, they may have moral or religious reasons not to divorce their spouses outright.

Other people may wish to remain legally married for financial reasons, while still others may just not be ready to deal with the idea of a divorce on an emotional level.

For people in such situations, Tennessee offers the possibility of a legal separation. Like a divorce, someone wanting a legal separation will have to sate legal grounds for asking for one, although, as is the case in most other states, these grounds are very broad in Tennessee.

Also like a divorce, a judge hearing a legal separation case can divide property, make awards of alimony and also determine child custody, visitation and support. The only thing that is really different about a legal separation is that the parties remain legally married and thus are not free to remarry.

In other words, legal separation is an effective way for parties who wish to remain married to maintain separate households without either party having their legal rights ignored or disrespected.

There are some interesting legal quirks to Tennessee's legal separation process. For instance, after 2 years, either spouse may convert the legal separation in to a divorce, although this does not prohibit either party from going through the full divorce process at any point.

Those who for whatever reason would like to stay married despite being in a difficult situation should be aware that separation is an option for them. However, as is the case with a divorce, having a family law attorney sort out all of the legal issues entailed in the process is usually a good idea.

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